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Exhibition: Contextual Architecture - An Indian Perspective

CONTEXTUAL ARCHITECTURE: An Indian Perspective is one of the few traveling exhibitions on contemporary architecture in India featuring especially the late 20th and early 21st century architecture. The exhibition is aimed at to document and portray some of the latest additions to the vast treasure of modern building designs in the country. Most of the projects included in it have been unearthed and shown for the first time. What makes the exhibition special is that it includes a variety of projects which are: Located in the remote rural settings to the metropolitan cities. Smallest to the biggest in size and scale. Designed for different climate zones. Designed for various cultures and types of people. Incorporate various construction techniques and materials. Fulfill various functions. The exhibition incorporates about five dozen panels which include as many projects. These projects are located in nine states of the country, and are designed by about 20 architects. These architects include some the youngest and oldest in the country. Some of them are well known to the architectural fraternity and some are yet to be known. The random selection of projects is aimed at to project a fairly truthful architectural scenario in the country rather than glamorizing it by including hi-fi projects located in bigger cities only. While glancing at the collective outcome of the projects, one may become fairly knowledgeable about the latest trends in Indian architecture today besides, the interpretation and response of architects to the varying contexts e.g. locales, people, functions, resources, climate, materials, construction techniques, etc. It is hoped that the exhibition will be of immense value to the young architects and students of architecture to educate and inspire them to invent their own approach to tackle the variety of problems. Efforts have been made to design all the panels in a consistent manner to bring in unity and continuity in the exhibition. The organizers – The Indian Institute of Architects, Chandigarh-Punjab Chapter – sincerely feel that exhibition will be of great interest to the viewers.

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